Brand New Square & Round Dance Clothing Available

In early September 2023 Tim was contacted by the family of Carol’s Creations in Apache Junction Arizona. Carol had been in business for over 35 years and was well known in the Square & Round Dance Community for the Beautiful & Quality clothing she had designed, manufactured and sold. She had passed away and the family was trying to find a purchaser for all of the merchandise that was in Carolā€˜s store.

After a few brief conversations, we were able to put together a deal and four Oroville PromenadersĀ  embarked on a few day “road-trip” to Apache Junction. Once there, we rented a huge U-Haul truck, (the biggest they had) and fully loaded it up with everything that came from the store. We came home with racks and racks of brand new clothing. There also was more than 18 boxes of clothing, each containing 120 or so brand new shirts, skirts, dresses, blouses, etc. In addition, we received about 580 pairs of brand new Square Dance and Round Dance shoes. All told, they are around 4000 (+-) brand new articles of Square & Round Dance clothing. Many of the ladies fashions are absolutely gorgeous and look like they should be worn out to a “fancy” dinner !

The Oroville Promenaders will be selling these items to Square & Round Dancers and also on eBay. The prices will be extremely low, so that everybody that wants to have a new Square or Round Dance clothing can have it. The proceeds will be used to support our club. We will use the money for advertising and marketing. We are also considering offering free scholarships for square dance lessons at the Oroville Promenaders. Heck, we might be able to put on a FREE dance down the road !!

Look forward to more information as we develop our game plan on selling all of these items. The first showing will be at the Buddy Weaver “Fall Frenzy” dance at Royer Park in Roseville on Sunday, November 12, 2023. We will have a very large sampling of the items there for purchase.

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